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Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is appropriate for a princess party?

The majority of children are typically 3 years and up. However, we have done parties for children as young as one and as old as 40!

Should we keep this a surprise?

Almost 75% of our parties are actual a surprise for the birthday girl or boy. With that being said there are a small percentage of children who become distressed and nervous about a princess being in their home. In the end you know your child best and we will do whatever you request.

Can boys participate?

All of our parties at least have a few boys in attendance. We ask ahead of time that you notify us if there are any boys expected to attend. That way we are well prepared with boy engaging activities as well. Princesses are made for everyone we have done solo boy parties before to!

How far do you travel?

Adorable Princess Parties services all of Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas. Any party outside of 25 miles from Cedar Rapids is subjected to a $25 per 25 mile travel fee.

How soon should I book?

This is a tricky question because as long as we have the date, time, and princess available we can usually make some magic happen. However, we highly recommend booking at LEAST 2 weeks prior to your event that way we can get your desired date, time, and character.

How do I book a party?

Booking a party is simple! Just send us a request using our contact form/book a party button and fill out the details. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


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