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Frequently Asked Questions

• What age group is appropriate for a party?

We recommend that majority of children our at least three years of age. However, we have done parties for young children we just suggest the *BE OUR GUEST PACKAGE due to their short attention span, and activities offered.

• Should we keep this a surprise?

Majority of children react well to being surprised with a Princess. On the other hand their are some children who become stressed out and nervous having a Princess in their home. In the end you know your child best and will make the decision that fits your child's needs best.

• Do boys enjoy Princess Parties?

Almost all parties include at least one boy we are able to better cater to there interest if we know of their attendance in advance. That way we will be able to include them in our activities.

• How far will you travel?

We service all of Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas, 25 miles out of our area there will be a nominal travel fee.

• How far in advance do I need to book a party?

We recommended at least two weeks, but depending on our princess availability you may need to book as far as a month prior to your event.

• How do I book a party?

Booking a party is simple just send us a request using our contact form with your package choice, age/number of guests, and a date/time. If you have any other questions or would like a certain order of activities please do not hesitate to ask.


Book a Party